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Frantoi Cutrera

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    Contrada Piano D'Acqua 71, Chiaramonte Gulfi, 97012

Frantoi Cutrera's extra virgin olive oils are the result of a harmonious collaboration between the Sicilian sun, climate and land, and the passion that the Cutrera family devotes to their work. The quality of their products has gained them recognition around the world and is attested by over 350 Awards. 

Frantoi Cutrera has been dedicated to cultivating olive trees and producing extra virgin olive oil for generations. The core of their business is their profound love and passion for the island of Sicily. The company's origins date back more than a century and records show that, from as early as 1906 the Cutrera family was at the heart the cultivation and husbandry of the olive groves of Monti Iblei in southeastern Sicily. The beauty of the Baroque architecture of the towns and cities in this southern corner of Italy are mirrored and reinforced by the grandeur of the ancient olive trees. This is the family's inspiration.

Giovanni Cutrera, the head of the family, founded the first oil mill in 1979 with the help of his wife Maria. The mill was passed down to their children, Maria - the eldest, Giuseppina -their middle child, and Salvatore - the youngest. Today, the company is run by the three Cutrera siblings, their spouses and the third generation of Cutrera children, who have recently begun to join the company. Their family heritage, its legacy of guiding principles, values and knowledge, established by the founding members Giovanni and Maria, is embodied in every component and daily practice of the company. The Cutrera family has perfectly balanced tradition with innovation to deliver their award-winning olive oils.

"The secret to our success is the love and passion that bind us to our land." — Salvatore Cutrera