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Olio Nuovo: Freshly Pressed Olive Oil

2023 OLIO NUOVO – Pre-order by September 29th for mid-November delivery. Read more about Olio Nuovo below.

Olio Nuovo: Freshly Pressed Olive Oil

Olio Nuovo: Freshly Pressed Olive Oil

About Olio Nuovo

A Live Superfood
Olio nuovo is the first extra virgin olive oil to be released each year, meant to be enjoyed as soon as it comes out of the centrifuge. These freshly pressed oils are shades of vibrant green and gold in color with a robust taste and phenols galore. In short, olio nuovo is olive oil in its most intense, raw state . . . the ultimate condiment. 

The Beginnings
Manicaretti set a new trend in 1993 when we delivered freshly pressed, unfiltered Capezzana Olio Nuovo to customers in San Francisco. 

The Tradition
Olio nuovo (like Beaujolais nouveau) is meant to be enjoyed now. The annual release of olio nuovo between October and November is much anticipated in Italy and is one of the few occasions that you will find Italians dipping fresh bread directly into oil or drenching grilled bread with oil.

The Excitement
In the fall and winter months, a bottle of olio nuovo is a fixture on most Italian tables, often enjoyed simply in a pinzimonio (raw vegetables with a bowl of olio nuovo and sea salt for dipping). At Manicaretti, we believe that during olio nuovo season, you should basically be swimming in the oil . . . you should have a glossy chin all day long . . .

The Benefits
A live superfood, olio nuovo should be drizzled copiously over hearty soups, slow-cooked beans and grilled meats, tossed generously in salads (no need for vinegar, as olio nuovo is flavor enough) and taken by the tablespoon just for health—it has phenols galore. 

Use immediately. Pour abundantly.