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Primitivizia is a play on the words Primitive and Notizia ("news"), which would sound to an Italian speaker as “Primitive News.” Eleonora and Giovanni Cunaccia, the sister and brother team who own Primitivizia, are in fact newsworthy because their company has set a new business category for European commerce.

When Eleonora and Giovanni filed their business application with the local authorities, their permit took over a year and a half and required a change in European laws because the produce inside their jars was wild and foraged. After many meetings and inspections, a new business type was specifically created for them known as Officina Botanica ("Botanical Office").

Eleonora considers herself a nomad gatherer. As a resident of the National Park of the Dolomiti del Brenta in the Trento region, she has a special permit and license to gather certain herbs and fruits from the wilderness. These licenses are very limited and are issued by the National Park authority to a handful of local residents who understand the fragility of the magnificent environment they live in.

Eleonora selectively gathers herbs, berries, pine buds and roots in a progressive pattern starting in the early Spring at the bottom of the valley and moving up close to the glaciers by late Summer. After the daily harvest, the crop of wild herbs is brought to the small officina (kitchen office) where Giovanni, with the help of a food processor, a stove and a pasteurizing bath will transform them into very unique magic pastes of concentrated flavors. Eleonora likes to show the only products they buy for making the Primitivizia products: seed oil, wine, vinegar, salt and sugar. She is quick to point out that they prefer to not to use olive oil because its assertive flavor would mask the delicate notes of the wild greens.


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Eleonora Cunaccia in the National Park.
Eleonora Cunaccia.
View of the mountains.
The National Park of the Dolomiti del Brenta.
In the wilderness.
Foraging for wild herbs and fruits.
Eleonora considers herself a nomad gatherer.
Collecting delicate wild greens.
Eleonora selectively gathers herbs, berries, pine buds, and roots.
Gathering roots.
Sorting wild herbs.
Wild herbs in the pasteurizing bath.
Founder Rolando with Eleonora and Giovanni Cunaccia.
Group shot in front of the magnificent mountains!

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