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Orange & Chocolate Crostata Recipe from Elizabeth Minchilli

Orange & Chocolate Crostata Recipe from Elizabeth Minchilli

Our good friend Elizabeth Minchilli discovers Il Colle de Gusto's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and spreads it atop a decadent orange marmalade crostata after being inspired by a beachside lunch. Or, as she puts it, how to not eat a whole jar of chocolate spread with a spoon. Though that's also a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy any of Il Colle de Gusto's dessert spreads made with extra virgin olive oil! 

Make Elizabeth Minchilli's Orange & Chocolate Crostata!
(While Elizabeth made her crostata with Il Colle de Gusto Bitter Orange Marmalade, you could also use the Marchesi di San Giuliano Sicilian Orange Marmalade seen below).

We met the owners of Il Colle de Gusto at the Farmer's Market in Rome just three months after the launch of their delicious creations, and we loved the spreads so much that we decided right then and there to bring them back for you. Their Noccioliva (Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread), and Pistacchiosa (Sicilian Pistachio Spread - a sofi Award Winner!) are incomparable.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Minchilli

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