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Arborio Rice

Produced by:

Principato di Lucedio

in Piedmont, Italy

Ingredients: arborio rice
Tags: Piedmont | Rice | Italy

A superfino classified rice named after the nearby commune of Arborio in the province of Vercelli, this rice cultivar is the most well known Italian rice in the world.

The rice kernels are shorter than Carnaroli, with a burnished uniform opaque creamy color and a solid white center. Arborio has a high starch content that is released slowly in the cooking process, creating a lush blanket of creamy starch that coats each kernel. Commonly used in making risotto, arancini, and even rice pudding.

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Product CodeUnit SizeUnit/CaseCase WeightUnit PriceCase PriceUPC Code
500 gr/1.1 lb
6.8 kg/15 lb
5 kg/11 lb
11.3 kg/25 lb

Serving Suggestions & Recipes

  • Make fried rice balls such as arancini or suppl√¨.
  • Make classic risotti of all kinds.
  • Use in a sweet torta di riso.