Introducing Friends of Manicaretti

Published on
20 September 2022

We're excited to announce Friends of Manicaretti, an expanded selection of exceptional products made by artisan producers from around the world. We're launching Friends of Manicaretti with products sourced by the inimitable Kitty Keller, founder of KL Keller Foodways.

“Over 30 years ago, I first met Kitty Keller at a tasting at Rockridge Market Hall in Oakland, CA. Kitty was tasting some obscure little products from France and Spain while I was a few feet away introducing the most opinionated Californians to 'unfiltered' Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I was 24 years old with a ponytail!). We hit it off right away and immediately knew our palates were in synch.

A fearless trailblazer, Kitty has been foraging for the best of Spain, France, and beyond for as long as I have been relentlessly searching for authentic products in Italy. It is impossible to imagine the flavors and sensory explosion that happened in California without her unfettered passion and contribution to our tastebuds. During these last tumultuous years, we at Manicaretti want to safeguard KL Keller's artisan producers and protect their home in the United States market, so that we may keep them in our pantries, palates, and MEMORY for future generations to enjoy.

Kitty may be retiring, but she is going nowhere. She’s always going to be here, there, and everywhere, kicking our palates upwards and onwards!”

Rolando Beramendi, Manicaretti Founder & The Manicaretti Team

View all Friends of Manicaretti products here. 

Friends of Manicaretti products are fully integrated with the sale and distribution of Manicaretti products.

Founded by Rolando Beramendi in 1988, Manicaretti is an importer and wholesaler of the finest Italian foods to retailers and restaurants throughout the United States. Through Friends of Manicaretti, we also offer a selection of exceptional, artisanal products from France, Spain, and beyond.

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