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Father-daughter team Nicola and Antonella Titone tend to their organic farm and impeccable frantoio (olive mill) in Trapani, Sicily with passionate devotion to one governing mantra: quality or nothing. Surpassing every norm for organic farming in the area, they have imposed their own rigors and standards to production, elevating their multi-award-winning olive oil to exceptional status.

The Estate
Located a few kilometers outside the port city of Trapani in Western Sicily, the Titone farm sits on 19 hectares of rolling hills, covered with an orchard of Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olive trees. The farm was converted to organic farming in 1985 and the frantoio was built in 1995. The careful methods and attention to pruning and organic fly pest-control has set the Titones apart. The harvest usually begins in early October and may run through early November. Olives are harvested just as they are beginning to blush with black hues and are picked with the assistance of specially designed wooden rakes, which allow workers to carefully pull the fruit from the tree with the least amount of bruising possible. The modern, state-of-the-art continuous cycle extraction process ensures that the olives are crushed within hours of their harvest, thus guaranteeing an oil of superb quality. The oil is naturally decanted, and not filtered. 

Crafted for Health
After walking among Titone’s carefully tended olive orchard, taking a quick glance at the impeccable “frantoio” (olive mill), and having the pleasure of meeting Nicola and Antonella Titone, it comes as no surprise to find that this dynamic father and daughter team, who make this immaculate extra virgin olive oil, are both pharmacists as have been the grandfather and great-grandfather. The Titone family’s passion to produce a very high quality extra virgin olive oil stems from generations of scientific approach. Nicola and Antonella know that extra virgin olive oil is essential to a better and healthier life.

Rolando raves: Walking through the estate’s sustainable, organic olive groves with Antonella Titone is a revelation. Here, the earth is alive and potent and one can feel how everything is connected. Their own flocks of turkeys and guinea fowl run all about, trimming the herbs and enriching the dynamic soil. Native bees and butterflies excite the air. This joyful aliveness comes through in Titone’s extraordinary oil. Drink it by the spoonful every single day—it’s a magical potion!”


  • Street: 68 Via Piro
  • Postcode: 91100
  • City: Loco Grande
  • State: Trapani (TP)


  • Telephone: +39-0924-981-444
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Father-Daughter Team Nicola and Antonella Titone
Antonella Titone
Olive Groves at Titone
Loaded Olive Tree Titone
Cerasuola Olives
Hand Harvesting Olives
Nicola Titone Sorting Olives
Titone Olio Nuovo
Antonella Titone Testing Oil
Hand Labeling Bottles
Pouring Titone on Avocado

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