Pojer e Sandri

Perched on the steep Eastern side of the canyon-like valley of the Adige river in the Trento region, Pojer e Sandri is one of the most remarkable wineries of the Trento region.

The dynamic team of Mario Pojer and Fiorentino Sandri have owned the estate since 1975, when Fiorentino as the landowner teamed up with Mario who had just graduated from enological school. Instead of producing wines in the international style as the rest of the world was doing, they set out to protect and revive the many local grapes of the area and produce wines which were almost forgotten. Their respect for the environment and traditions along with their outgoing personalities and hospitality soon set them in a class of their own. Today, they are widely respected as one of the most unique and trend-setting wineries in Italy.

In Italy it is not seen as a good sign that a winery should produce vinegar. In fact, to many it may sound as if the winery is unable to make good wine and so they sell it as such. However, Fiorentino and Mario had a different view on the product and they have been producing very aromatic white and red wine vinegars in the traditional slow-percolating process and then aged in oak-barrels, much as it is done with wine. The closeness to the German-speaking area of Alto-Adige where pickles and sauerkraut are part of the local diet drove them to produce a much higher quality product to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. They also produce a line of single-fruit vinegars made from carefully selected fruit from family’s and friends' orchards.

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