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Marchesi di San Giuliano

The Marchesi di San Giuliano estate, located in the foothills of Mount Etna between Catania and Siracusa, has been owned by the Castello di San Giuliano family for over 800 years. Today the 22-acre estate is managed by Giulia di San Giuliano and her father. Their land is blessed with uniquely fertile volcanic soil, particularly suited for organically growing citrus groves, avocados, mangos and olive trees. Trees planted in the early 1800s are still bearing fruit! San Giuliano make marmalades and biscuits following old family recipes in a kitchen on a small contrada within the property named Curcuraggi, using only fresh fruit from their own citrus orchards and selected organic ingredients.

The old family recipes date back to the cookbook of Maria Paternò Castello, of the Carcaci ducal family, and the marmalades and biscuits have been part of the family’s breakfast for generations. In the early 1980s, Fiamma di San Giuliano, decided to sell products made from these recipes, using the citrus fruit from the orchards. Thanks to her determination and hard work these products found a place in the market and the business continues to expand year after year.

The fruit is harvested by hand with production taking place during the winter months, when the fruit is mature and ready to be harvested. The fruit is hand-sliced and soaked in cold water overnight. Then it is slowly cooked down and only cane sugar is added. No thickeners or preservatives are ever used. The high proportion of fruit, combined with natural ingredients and strict production standards, insure that San Giuliano products have a traditional taste and texture. Marchesi di San Giuliano products are appreciated for their excellent flavour and artisanal attention to every detail. Serving suggestions include spreading onto toast, using as a topping for desserts and ice cream, and even including as an ingredient in making sauces for game and meat.