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Il Colle Del Gusto

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    Via Farense kn 2,8 Loc. Colli Bernabei, Passo Corese di Fara Sabina, 2032

In 2012, Antonio della Corte was creating sweet mixes for gelaterie and pastry shops and Anna Maria Conti was running a farm and bed and breakfast a few miles north of Rome. In a blend as natural as chocolate and hazelnut, the two combined their talents to produce a line of spreads made with Anna Maria's own extra virgin olive oil and nuts grown on friends' farms.

If it weren't for their yellow umbrella, we may have never discovered Il Colle del Gusto tucked in the corner of the farmers' market in Rieti, just outside of Rome. The bright, cheerful color drew us over to their little stand, where we encountered these extraordinary nut spreads and learned the company's winsome story. We met them just three months after the launch of their delicious creations, and we loved the spreads so much that we decided right there and then to bring them back for you.

Today, their sweet, silken spreads are made with excellent extra virgin olive oil and carefully selected nuts. The extra virgin olive oil lends the spreads a glossy sheen and unbelievably smooth texture. As soon as you open the lid you'll be blown away by the warm roasted nut aroma. The flavor is even more intense - decadent, nutty, and lingering. It's hard to resist the urger to eat these spreads by the spoonful, straight from the jar!