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Azienda Agricola Valier

The Azienda Agricola Valier is the oldest single-family-owned business we work with in Italy. The illustrious Venetian family received this vast farm on the hills of Rovigo during the years when Venice moved onto Terraferma, or dry ground, during its expansion into what today is the Veneto region. These lands bordering the Papal State on the edge of the Venetian Republic were given to the most important families of Venice in order to protect the estate and insure their allegiance to Venice. The Valier family farmed the land for centuries for grain and livestock. Today, most of the land is dedicated to walnut trees.


  • Street: Via Canalbianco sx 10
  • Postcode: 45100
  • City: Borsea ( Rovigo)
  • State: Italy


  • Telephone: +39 0425 474575


An arcade view of the Valier Farm.
The Valier farm.
Valier Green Walnuts.
Harvesting Valier Green Walnuts.
Rows of walnut trees.
Valier walnut trees.

Our Products

Green Walnut Syrup

Green Walnut Syrup

4th Quarter Only
Candied Green Walnuts

Candied Green Walnuts

Noci Verdi Candite