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APIDIS SAS ( Apiculture Production Innovation Distribution) is a family business specializing in the production, packaging, and marketing of selected honeys, confections, and pastry products made with honey.

Since 1890, honey has been central to the Perronneau family. The fifth generation, Thomas and Gabriel, have already begun to fly on their own within the family "hive," guided by their parents. 

With 30 to 60,000 workers per hive and 4,000 hives, including 1,000 in organic production, Gabriel Perronneau jokes that he is "the largest employer in France!" In any case, APIDIS is one of the most important honey producers in France with 200 to 300 tonnes per year.

The golden rule at Apidis is the constant search for quality and respect for tradition. These precepts followed to the letter explain the growing success of the company.