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Antica Drogheria Francioni

The Antica Drogheria Francioni is located in Ponte a Poppi in the heart of the Casentino valley of eastern Tuscany, a valley famous for being the birthplace of Michelangelo, the source of the Tevere river and still untouched by massive tourism. The pristine countryside is covered with a thick forest of pine, cypress and chestnuts, and the bottom of the valley is full of wild herbs and flowers during the sunny Spring months. 

Signor Francioni along with a group of local retired friends scout the countryside carefully observing the tall green wild fennel, gauging the maturity of the blossoms and determining when they will have the perfect maturity to pluck. As the flower caps of the fennel plant come into full bloom, tiny yellow-green flowers form into a tightly packed umbrella and a fine dust of the pollen starts to blow with the warm summer breezes. The end of July into the beginning of August is the ideal harvest time, before the fennel goes to seed. 


  • Street: 25 Piazza Risorgimento
  • Postcode: 52013
  • City: Ponte a Poppi
  • State: Arezzo (AR)


  • Telephone: +39-0575-529-365
  • Fax: +39-0575-529-348
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A fennel plant in full bloom.
A fennel plant not yet at the perfect maturity to pluck.
Antica Drogheria Francioni is located in the beautiful Casentino valley.
The pristine countryside.
The valley is full of wild herbs and flowers in spring.
Late July to early August is the ideal time for harvesting fennel pollen.
Yellow-green flowers on the fennel plant.
Tall, green wild fennel set among the trees.

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Wild Fennel Pollen

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