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Born in 1989 in Lanciano, Abruzzo, AGRUMATO® was the first brand in the world to produce extra virgin olive oil with citrus. Founder Francesco G. M. Ricci revolutionized the industry with the original lemon olive oil and coined a new word, AGRUMATO®, as his brand. Guided by creativity and passion for their homeland, the Ricci family developed a complete line of unique condiments with other Mediterranean citrus fruits. Now, the next generation of AGRUMATO®, Francesco's children Lucrezia and Sante, continue to push the company forward.

Made through the same process as fine extra virgin olive oil, the crisp freshness of AGRUMATO® citrus oil is achieved by crushing whole citrus fruits together with olives according to the Ricci family’s secret recipe. It is an ideal finishing condiment for adding bright, citrus flavor to any dish: drizzle over grilled meat and fish, dress fresh salads, or pour generously over vegetables. Many bakers also use AGRUMATO® citrus oil in their pastry recipes and desserts.  Each oil comes packaged in an elegant bottle with images of Renaissance paintings on the labels.

AGRUMATO® is a registered trademark that belongs to the Ricci family from Lanciano, Abruzzo, Italy to describe their brand. The neologism AGRUMATO® is not a production method, adjective, or verb.