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Celebrating the 30th Harvest of Frescobaldi Laudemio in a Special Gold Bottle


Celebrating the 30th Harvest of Frescobaldi Laudemio in a Special Gold Bottle

Laudemio: The Turning Point in Olive Oil Making

In 1986, after a devastating frost across Tuscany, the Frescobaldi family launched a new era for extra virgin olive oil production. By emphasizing the concept of terroir, linking the olive’s typicity and quality to the uniqueness of its productive environment, the Frescobaldi family effectively changed the way we think about extra virgin olive oil.

Bona Frescobaldi, a great visionary, gathered a group of forward-thinking growers from the surrounding hills of Florence to sign a pioneering pact for excellence in extra virgin olive oil making: from the groves, through the olive mill, and into the bottle. The rules and regulations of the Laudemio consortium have hence become the standard for high-quality extra virgin olive oil making around the world. Read more about Frescobaldi Laudemio➤ 

Manicaretti is Proud to Have Imported ALL 30 Harvests

We are honored to have partnered with Frescobaldi Laudemio for the last 30 years as their exclusive importer. Join us in celebrating the 30th Harvest of Frescobaldi Laudemio (in a special edition gold bottle) during the upcoming year. 

Available on Shelves & Menus Across the U.S. in Early December

The 30th Anniversary is cause for celebration! As soon as you receive your shipment of Frescobaldi Laudemio First Pressing, contact us for marketing materials and event ideas. 

View & Share the Video:

In this video, Bona Frescobaldi tells the story of Laudemio during the 30th harvest at their estate. Help us spread the message of Frescobaldi Laudemio's 30th Anniversary by linking this video to your website, newsletters, and social channels.

➤ Italian Version 

Continuing the Tradition

Matteo Frescobaldi, Brand Manager for Frescobaldi Laudemio

Introducing Matteo Frescobaldi, Brand Manager and spokesperson for the Frescobaldi Family’s 30th generation. Matteo will be with us at both Fancy Food Shows in 2019—come meet him!

We will be at Booth #1642 at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Jan. 13-15.

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