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L'Olio Nuovo 2015 e' arrivato!

A stunning harvest of fresh-pressed Italian olive oils

L'Olio Nuovo 2015 e' arrivato!

Our 2015 Olio Nuovo is Here

We are thrilled to announce that 2015 is an extraordinary year for oilo nuovo, and Manicaretti is proud to represent some of the best olive oils in Italy. All of exceptional integrity and quality.

Olio Verde, Titone Nuovo, Frescobaldi Laudemio and Capezzana Freshly Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oils are finally arriving in the US and will be ready to be shipped soon!Our favorite time of the year is here, when a bottle of olio nuovo (the first press of the season) becomes a fixture on the tables, often enjoyed simply in pinzimonio (raw vegetables). At Manicaretti we just love to drench everything with olio nuovo.

(Pictured: Beatrice Contini of Tenuta di Capezzana delights in this year's harvest)

A Live, Green Super Food

Olio nuovo is the first extra virgin olive oil to be released each year, meant to be enjoyed straight out of the centrifuge. These freshly pressed oils are vibrant green, robust and chock-full of polyphenols—antioxidant nutrients. In short, olio nuovo is olive oil at its most intense, raw state ... the ultimate condiment.

Buon appetito!