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The Greenest Risotto from the AUTENTICO cookbook

"In the autumn, when the leaves on trees start turning brown and the new, bright green olive oil starts to flow, I crave hearty amaro (bitter) greens such as cavolo nero, broccoli rabe, savoy cabbage, romanesco broccoli, and radicchio tardivo. I make this version during the latter part...

The L.A. Times Shines a Light on Olio Nuovo for Hannukah

The festival of lights should be all about the new oil!

Photo by Kirk McCoy for Los Angeles Times

Amelia Saltsman, writing for the Los Angeles Times, revives the idea of combining two long-held traditions: the celebration of Hanukkah with the celebration of the new extra virgin olive oil, olio nuovo. Olive oil holds a sanctified place in the stories of the Jewish tradition—Judah and...

7 Ways to Enjoy Olio Nuovo

Fresh-pressed, new-harvest extra virgin olive oil from Italy

7 Ways to Enjoy Olio Nuovo

Olio Nuovo is here! This year’s harvest just landed—fresh-picked, cold-pressed and air-freighted straight from the olive estates in Italy. What is Olio Nuovo? Olio Nuovo, each year’s first, newly-pressed olive oil, is the freshest, greenest, liveliest expression of the just-picked olive...

Two Seattle events featuring the wine and vinegar of Pojer e Sandri

Special menus at Cafe Lago and The Corson Building

Two Seattle events featuring the wine and vinegar of Pojer e Sandri

Federico Sandri—son of Pojer e Sandri's pioneering founder, Fiorentino Sandri—will be visiting Seattle and teaming with The Corson Building and Cafe Lago to showcase the estate's extraordinary products. Discover Pojer e Sandri Pojer e Sandri, one of the most remarkable wineries of Italy’s...