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O Magazine Loves Pizza Senza Crosta from AUTENTICO

No Crust is the New Crust

Photo by Kirk McCoy for Los Angeles Times

Pizza done the AUTENTICO way Pizza Without a Crust or Pizza Senza Crosta is the creation of Manicaretti Founder, Rolando Beramendi in his recent cookbook AUTENTICO: Cooking Italian the Authentic Way (pg. 108). This unique take on pizza allows for customization in every bite! In the article, "In...

8 Ways to Use Italian Rice

The ultimate culinary canvas from Italy

8 Ways to Use Italian Rice

A Great Italian Grain Italy is Europe’s largest rice producer, accounting for 5% of the total world rice production. Rice is found throughout Italian cuisine—from the traditional risotti of the northern regions (home to the Po River Valley where Italian rice is grown) to arancini, a...

2018 LA International Olive Oil Competition Winners

Manicaretti producers take home 12 awards, including a "Best of Show" award!

2018 LA International Olive Oil Competition Winners

The results are in for the 2018 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition (now in its 19th year) and the Manicaretti porfolio won big! A high bar was set in last year's competition when our olive oils earned 11 awards, but this year, our producers took home an...

The Greenest Risotto from the AUTENTICO cookbook

"In the autumn, when the leaves on trees start turning brown and the new, bright green olive oil starts to flow, I crave hearty amaro (bitter) greens such as cavolo nero, broccoli rabe, savoy cabbage, romanesco broccoli, and radicchio tardivo. I make this version during the latter part...