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Produced by:

Acetaia Leonardi

in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Condimento Balsamico 20 Year from Single Cherry Wood Batteria

Very few other producers (if any) have a batteria made entirely of precious cherry wood. Ciliegio (cherry) is a limited-number bottling from a 20-year travasi barrel of a batteria made entirely of cherry-wood barrels. As estate-grown grapes are slowly transformed into balsamic, the prized elixir takes on the nuanced aromas and flavors of the cherry wood.

The smell of a freshly baked cherry pie along with freshly picked amarene (sour cherries) are the first images to come to mind. Sweet, clean and very aromatic. Cherry wood lends this balsamic a fruity sweetness and the pronounced flavor of black cherry, followed by notes of plum and red berries.

This dense, velvety condiment should be drizzled in its purest form as a special finishing touch to many dishes. Drizzle over sizzling hot pork tenderloin, just off the grill or pan-roasted. The aroma of amarene will enfold and enhance the caramelized quality of any piece of crisp duck. Squab, quail, pheasant, guinea fowl, and also venison will benefit from its berry-like flavors. Ciliegio is ideal to pair with fresh fruit, desserts—imagine a drizzle on top of vanilla gelato, let alone cherries jubilee!and soft cheeses such as ricotta or gorgonzola dolce.

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100 ml/3.4 fl oz
0.5 kg/1 lb