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Lenticchie Umbre - Umbrian Lentils

Produced by:

La Valletta

in Umbria, Italy

Umbrian lentils have gained global renown, with one of the most prized cultivars hailing from Colfiorito. Nestled on the magnificent Colfiorito plateau in the heart of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, La Valletta—a family-run farm for three generations—cultivates these exceptional legumes at elevations ranging from 800 to 1000 meters above sea level. Colfiorito's unique microclimate and naturally rich terroir create ideal conditions for growing lentils. The lentils are vine-dried and harvested between July and August.

A treasured culinary gem of Umbria, Colfiorito lentils are distinguished by their petite size, very thin skin, delicate earthy flavor, and al dente texture when cooked properly. This variety does not require pre-soaking and cooks to perfection in just 20 minutes. They retain their shape beautifully and are excellent in stews, purées, and soups.

These precious lentils can stand up to rich meats such as pork chops and steak, or try making Sausages with Lentils and Tuscan Kale from AUTENTICO (page 243). In Italy, a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner demands stewed lentils accompanied by cotechino. Or make a lentil ragù with aromatics such as garlic and rosemary, soffritto, and diced browned pancetta. La Valletta recommends using their lentils to top a creamy squash soup. Always be sure to drench them in great Tuscan olive oil like Frescobaldi Laudemio and Capezzana!

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400 gr/14.1 oz
4.9 kg/11 lb