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Anchovy Crostini with Elizabeth Minchilli

Published on
18 May 2015

In a recent visit with Elizabeth Minchilli, Rolando brought along IASA Anchovies from Cetara. The 3-ingredient crostini he made with them: "Simply fantastic," said Minichilli.

"Each little fillet was meaty and firm, and while they were definitely fishy tasting, they were not the usual salt bomb you expect in an anchovy. They actually still tasted of the sea they came from. And the cold chunky pat of butter only helped focus the briny flavor. Simple, maybe, but also about as sophisticated as you can get."

In addition to the anchovies, Rolando also brought along a bottle of Colatura (anchovy syrup) for a pasta recipe similar to this one from Minchilli's archive. "Just leave out the zucchini and do as Rolando did: Add a handful of toasted almond slivers at the end before serving."

Cooking with Anchovies Elizabeth Minchilli 5

photos courtesy of Elizabeth Minchilli