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Organic Corn Rigatoni

Organic Corn Rigatoni

With the ever-changing culinary and dietary needs around the world, Rustichella d'Abruzzo introduces a line of pasta made with alternative grain selections in order to satisfy the joy of eating a great bowl of pasta for those who might suffer allergy to gluten.

The organic corn rigatoni is shaped as wide, thick tube pasta - also known as maccheroni - with wide ridges on the outside, cut across. One of the most typical shapes in Rome and Sicily.

Traditionally served with Amatriciana Tomato Sauce (with pancetta), Arrabbiata or Napoletana Sauce (with tuna).

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Serving Suggestions

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes and garlic
  • Toss with pesto, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
  • It works well in baked pasta dishes

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organic corn flour, water

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