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Vittorio Cassini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vittorio Cassini Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bronze Medal, Delicate Intensity
LA County Fair Competition 2010

Ligurian oil at its best. Pale golden green, with notes of fresh almonds, white pepper and artichoke on the nose and a palate full of mild ripe olives and fresh herbs. Clean, sweet, buttery finish.

Vittorio Cassini and his father carefully monitor the olives on the trees for ripeness. They pick 60% of the crop at the green stage around November, and the remainder of the crop at the black-purple stage in January. The olives are rushed to the frantoio (olive mill) for processing within 6 hours from harvesting. The extraction method is the continuous cycle system. The oils are kept separate until decanted, and later blended to create the signature style that has set the Cassini oil in a class of its own.

The Cassini oil is very limited, as the entire production is just 10,000 bottles per harvest.

Region: Perinaldo, in the province of Imperia, Liguria.


Olive cultivar: 100% Taggiasca olives

Traditions: There is no better oil to enjoy over delicate fish or sea food than Vittorio Cassini's oil. Make an authentic pesto with this oil, as well as a perfect aioli, mayonnaise or any sauce where the oil is not heated. Use in salad dressing for delicate greens as well as for making any fish stew. 

Filtered. Estate-bottled

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